Customer Satisfaction Oriented,
Solid and Highly Effective Team Works, Managing Efficiency,
Good Problem Solver, Professional Skill.

Welcome to PT. Bingkai Langit Konstruksi profile

In the following pages, we will explain further details of our company, our value, our services and our dream in the future. Customer satisfaction oriented, our mission is to be a good problem solver to every idea and dream you have buried in your mind.

PT. Bingkai Langit Constructions is a reliable company deals with general building construction and the application through managing efficiency and professional skill. Presently, PT. Bingkai Langit Constructions is the only innovative, effective and reliable building construction company in Bali which is able to give single-door-service from construction planning, project management, until construction implementation and application in one package of working contract.

We trust in a long-term partnership with our clients, and we commit to bring success into reality by helping clients through our best services and our excellent shots.

We focus on quality and totality of human resource working in our company that grows and develops sustainably at present and the future.